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Faber Industrial Technologies - Process / Heating Controls


Faber offers a wide range of process / heating control products from the following manufacturers:

Carlo Gavazzi
A leading international automation designer and manufacturer. As the prominent Mid-Atlantic distributor of high technology automation, Faber continues to offer the most effective system solutions, technologies, and control architecture. Among the Carlo Gavazzi automation components line that Faber Industrial Technologies carries in-stock include: Solid State Relays, Energy Meters, Power Supplies, Temperature Controls, Switches/Push Buttons, and Pilot Lights. With the Faber/Carlo Gavazzi partnership, you can count on quality products and the newest technologies, as well as superior customer service and reliability. [More] [Brochures] [Videos]

For more than 90 years, customers have relied on Chromalox for the utmost in quality and innovative solutions for industrial heating applications. Chromalox manufactures the world’s largest and broadest line of electric heat and control products, including heating components, immersion heaters, circulation systems, heat transfer systems, boilers, industrial and comfort air heating, heat trace cables, sensors and precision electronic controls.

Chromalox also offers custom engineered solutions. Our goal is not to provide the most expedient solution, rather, to provide the right solution. Whatever industry you serve - whatever size your application - Chromalox would like to design a custom solution for you. With 1.3 million active drawings, and another 700,000 on file, they have the experience of two million solutions ready to draw upon. [More]

Continental Industries
For fifteen years, Continental Industries International has been the fastest growing ssr, scr, solid state relay manufacturer in the world. Our 1998 merger with Invensys enables Continental to serve the global market with even greater innovation and technology in the field of solid-state relays, I/O modules, temperature controllers and other industrial automation components. We design and build our products for long, accurate, dependable performance. By using the best components, the latest manufacturing techniques and demanding quality control, we can offer you the kind of products that have made us a leader in the electronic control industry. [More]

Eurotherm is one of the world’s best known suppliers of Control and Measurement Instrumentation to Industrial and Process Markets. We are part of Invensys plc, a leading global automation and controls company. Eurotherm’s instruments are sold under five product brands: Action Instruments, Barber-Colman, Eurotherm Chessell, Continental Industries and Eurotherm Controls. In 2001, Eurotherm integrated Eurotherm Recorders (Chessell), Action Instruments and Continental Industries, thereby strengthening all product lines and further achieving the goal of global leadership in automation, control and industrial instrumentation. Eurotherm is a worldwide business with offices in all industrial countries. At present, Eurotherm together with Barber-Colman are the largest supplier of temperature controls in the US and the world. [More]

Founded in 1935 as the manufacturer of the patented THERMOSWITCH® temperature controller, Fenwal Controls provides agency-approved standard and custom engineered gas ignition and temperature controls for many industries including HVAC, hydronics, commercial cooking, and fire protection. The Fenwal brand of temperature and gas ignition products is widely recognized for its high quality and reliability, and all Fenwal products are designed to provide excellent performance in the most demanding applications. [More]

We started out in 1949 with one goal in mind...to create a line of industrial heat processing equipment our customers could believe in. Today, while much at Grieve has changed, our commitment to that goal is steadfast. How do Grieve ovens perform in the most difficult test...the rough and tumble of the real world? Extremely well! Each unit is built to withstand years of constant operation. Nonetheless, if some problem happens to arise, you'll be pleased to know that Grieve has always maintained complete customer and job information on every unit we've ever built. We never retire a job file, so you know we'll always have the facts on hand should you need a replacement part. Ovens and furnaces for which there simply are no equals...Grieve. [More]

Founded in 1956, Minco delivers comprehensive thermal, temperature sensing and control, and flex circuit solutions for medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, power generation and other high-reliability applications. [More]

Process Sensors Corporation
Process Sensors Corporation is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art moisture gauges and sensors, providing the most accurate and reliable moisture measurement available for quality control in manufacturing processes, for industries worldwide. Our MCT Series moisture analyzers and transmitters, employ true Smart Sensor Technology (SST®), next generation optics and stable electronics, to meet the increasingly stringent quality controls required by today's manufacturing industries, and to provide innovative process control solutions for maximum on-line manufacturing productivity, cost efficiency and profitability. [More]

PULS Power Supplies
PULS North America is focused and dedicated to delivering the most technologically advanced DIN-rail power supplies on the market today and to offering unexpected levels of customer service and application/engineering assistance. Every standard product that we make is stocked in our North American Distribution Center and is capable of being shipped to any North American location within 24 hours. In addition, our focused network of technically competent and highly trained distributors have local inventory and application experts to satisfy your demanding requirements. [More]

Pyromation, Inc.
Dynamic and responsive – that’s Pyromation. For more than 40 years, our team of professionals has offered our customers innovative solutions for all of their sensor needs. Pyromation offers a broad line of temperature sensors, designed to meet the most critical temperature sensitive process industry requirements. Whatever your application needs, we have a standard or specialty product, assembly, instrument or accessory to match. Our in-house machine shop, complete with CAD-CAM support, metal cutting, threading, shaping and finishing machinery complements our engineering, design and production departments to manufacture sensors for all customer needs. [More]

Quantem Controls
Quantem Controls offers a complete line of products including Analog and Digital Temperature Controller, Fan Speed Controllers, and Temperature Probes. Quantem uses state of the art manufacturing processes for surface mount and through hole electronic assembly. [More]

For more than 95 years, RSCC has been specializing in engineered products resistant to fire, chemicals, moisture, mechanical abuse, extreme temperatures, radiation, corrosion, and other conditions degrading to wire and cable systems. The VITALink® family of circuit integrity cables employs innovative technology that allows cables to survive and operate during a fire. [More]

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